Welcome to the official Giantess.com web portal! I am pleased to bring the new site back to the community, after 14 years of it being blank! The original website, run by DX Machina, was a points-based community for collagers and artists. The previous site closed down in late 2007, and stayed offline until now. The new webmaster is Leper, an artist who draws NSFW size comics.

The size fetish community has always been very special to me. The fantasy we all share can't ever happen in real life. (Furries have a similar problem, but at least some of them can experiment IRL. Macrophiles can't break the laws of physics!) Content creators have been an integral part of this community since the very early days.

This website exists to serve the giantess and size kink community forever. I will never sell-out or compromise the website's mission, because profit is not the goal here. Together we can all use this as a platform to support and promote all size-fetish creators.

Goals and Mission

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