Lost in the Woods by S Frisk

Lost in the Woods

Welcome to a series of comics where I test out different potential layouts and features a webcomic artist could to promote their comic.


Panel One

Thog approaches a table where Horbin the halfling is currently in a booster seat. Thog waves at Horbin

Thog: Thog is back.

Horbin: … and empty handed I see. Tell me, how hard is it to remember that when you go to town to buy supplies, you have to actually buy the supplies!?

Panel Two

Thog sits down at the table with Horbin, nursing a beer.

Thog: Town gone.

Horbin: What do you mean the town is gone? Burned? Looted?

Panel Three

Thog: Thog think beer placed moved. That’s why town is gone.

Horbin: (unimpressed) Don’t be silly, Thog. Taverns don’t move. People do